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    Adoption: The Great Homeland Journey E-book

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    About the book

    They say you don’t know where you’re heading until you know where you come from.

    Do you know how your life started? Was it in a big city or in the countryside? Who held you in your first hours of life? Was it your mother? Was your father there by her side? Do you know if you resembled either of them?

    We are all curious where we come from. Adoptive children perhaps more so than others. Without the last piece of the puzzle it is difficult to know who you are and where you’re heading. It becomes a search for roots, origins and answers to the questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I belong?

    Embarking on a homeland journey is the most emotional life journey an adoptive child can make. But a homeland journey does not begin at the departure area of an airport and it does not stop when coming home. For a lot of people that is when it really begins.

    In the documentary book Adoption: The Great Homeland Journey you will follow five adoptive families for three years of their lives as they, for the first time, go back to where everything started.

    Now the adventure begins!